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Heavy haulers are in high demand, especially during the summer, and deliveries are often scheduled months in advance. Heavy hauling is a highly complex process.

If you know you have construction equipment, agricultural machinery or any other type of cargo that requires a heavy hauler, you need to schedule it as far in advance as possible to ensure safety, on-time delivery, trailers and other equipment is available, and to manage costs.


The safety of every load is paramount. It requires the right tractor-trailer combination and following appropriate safety precautions. It also requires an eye for detail and planning of the best travel route, since all infrastructure can’t handle heavy haul loads.

On Time Delivery

Heavy haul companies use sophisticated logistics software to plan the most effective and time-efficient routes. Each route is designed to minimize a variety of hazards and obstacles that can potentially affect delivery times, many of which are more prevalent at certain times of the year. Those elements are particularly important when loads are being transported to foreign countries. There must also be someone available to take charge of the load when it arrives.

Special Accommodations

Highly specialized trailers are utilized for heavy hauling and the right trailer for your load nay not be available if you wait until the last minute to schedule.

Other considerations also come into play. Depending on the cargo, its destination and the states through which it must pass. Specialized documentation may be needed that can take several weeks to obtain. Special accommodations may also be required. Those may include signage, lighting and 1 or more escort vehicles. Some states place restrictions on the days and hours of the day that certain heavy haul loads can be transported.


The transport of heavy haul loads peak during the summer months and costs are higher – it’s all reliant on supply and demand. Scheduling your transport during the off season can save a significant amount of money and ensure the proper trailer is available.

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