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Most people think of heavy haulers as a trailer assembly that delivers goods to supermarkets and similar retail outlets. The truth is far different. Heavy haulers specialize in transporting cargo that exceeds the limits of ordinary tractor-trailer combinations.

Heavy haulers transport items ranging from mining equipment and bulldozers to combines and harvesters, along with items such as personal submersibles, military vehicles, fire trucks and SWAT vehicles. The cargo encompasses loads that exceed specific weight, width, height and length standards.

The trailers available for heavy hauling have been specifically designed and refined over time to accommodate the greatest range of needs. The differences and advantages in some trailers may not be immediately obvious to the inexperienced. A professional heavy hauler is able to select the best trailer for the job based on the cargo to be transported.

Double Drop Deck

Sometimes referred to as a lowboy, a double drop is a multi-level trailer with the center – or well – built lower than the front and back end. It’s typically used for hauling tall objects that exceed height standards and is often used to ship items that include boats, earth moving equipment and farming equipment.

Extendable Drop Deck

These are used for loads that are extra long that won’t fit on a standard flatbed trailer. The stretchable beds are utilized for hauling objects such as lumber and pipes. The well can be elongated to carry longer pieces of freight.

Removable Gooseneck

Removable gooseneck (RGN) trailers can be lowered to the ground for easy loading off-track or wheeled vehicles. The trailers provide a ramp that enables vehicles to be driven onto the trailer. RGNs are available as standard and extendable models.

Step Deck

They’re similar to a double drop deck trailer and are utilized for heavy or tall freight. They’re comprised of an upper deck, along with a lower deck where the freight sets. The upper level can be used for detachable accessories such as plows. They’re one of the most often utilized trailers for heavy equipment and many models include ramps for easy loading.

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