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#1 Backhoe Transportation Company

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The Nations #1 Backhoe Hauling Company

North American Heavy Haul provides Backhoe transportation services and trucking for all makes and models with affordable rates & on-time delivery.

Heavy Equipment transportation company

North American Heavy Haul is the premier backhoe transportation company that ships your backhoe from point A to point B. We ship anywhere in the United States and Canada including Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, The US Virgin Islands, and Guam.

When it comes to a Backhoe Transportation Company you can always rely on North American Heavy Haul to exceed your expectations. We understand that speed and efficiency are of the essence when it comes to shipping your heavy equipment.

North American Heavy Haul can schedule trucking that’s local or interstate. We can organize transport for any type of backhoe, heavy equipment, or freight you have.

Regardless if your load is tall, wide, over-dimensional, or heavy our experienced staff are experts at matching the right equipment for your load.

Backhoe Transportation Services starts with the Drivers themselves. Not every Backhoe Transport driver has the skillset and experience to navigate the loading, unloading and transportation of your backhoe. Our drivers are experienced in moving all kinds of freight on their trailers. They have been trained in securing/balancing the freight, loading and unloading the backhoe and the transporting the load itself . We pride ourselves that we work with experienced Backhoe operators who meet the following requirements:

  • Licensed, Bonded and Completely Insured
  • Years of Experience
  • Securing/Balancing Load
  • Loading and Unloading

With an overabundance of Backhoe transport companies around it can be a challenge to zero in on who has your best interests at heart. North American Heavy Haul has a team of professionals that actually care about your backhoe and your cargo.

Simply call us. We’ll drop what we’re doing to help you. We have Experienced Logistic Specialists on call 24-7. Our Specialists have contacts all over the United States and can guide you to the right solution for your Backhoe transport and shipping requirements.

Backhoe Transportation Company for All Types of Freight

With tons of construction equipment being shipped every day our backhoe shipping transportation services offer you experienced, qualified, and dedicated service, regardless of industry. :

  • Hot Shot trailers – perfect for small to medium heavy equipment. Equipped with or without loading ramps.
  • Step-deck trailers. Great for shipping medium to large heavy equipment or machinery. Equipped with or without loading ramps.

  • RGN trailers. Your best choice for shipping heavy machinery that threatens or exceeds dimensional rules and regulations. Excellent for large motorized machines.

Call North American Heavy Haul to haul your heavy equipment locally or long distance. Our experts are experienced at moving everything from the smallest to the largest pieces of heavy equipment and construction equipment. Leaving no stone unturned when we’re dealing with our client’s freight, there’s no job too big or too small.

We are a Backhoe Transportation Company - with Services To All 50 States
Including Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Puerto Rico, The Virgin Islands, and Guam
Contact Us Today

Backhoe Transportation by North American Heavy Haul

Transporting a John Deere 710B-Backhoe
Origin: Douglassville, PA

Destination: Baltimore, MD

Shipping Dimensions:

  • Transport Length: 25.67′ ft
  • Transport Width: 7.67′ ft
  • Transport Height: 13.75′ ft
  • Operating Weight: 21,803.8 lbs

North American Heavy Haul recently completed transportation of this John Deere 710B from Douglasville, PA to Baltimore, MD. Our shipping specialist assisted the customer in the point A to B transport and made sure this unit made it safe to the port for it’s final destination overseas.

John Deere 410J Backhoe Transport Shipping

Shipping a John Deere 410J Backhoe

Origin: Ames, IA

Destination: Knoxville, TN

Shipping Dimensions:

  • Transport Length: 23.92′ ft
  • Transport Width: 7.58′ ft
  • Transport Height: 12.93′ ft
  • Operating Weight: 15,000 lbs

North American Heavy Haul recently completed transportation of this John Deere 410J from Ames, IA to Knoxville, TN. This customer was under extreme time constraints. We were able to get their unit picked up the same day and delivered in 2 days. When in doubt trust the pros!



Cat 420 backhoe hauling shipping transport
Hauling a Caterpillar 420 Backhoe
Origin: Tucson, AZ

Destination: Canton, OH


Shipping Dimensions:

  • Transport Length: 23.58′ ft
  • Transport Width: 7.75′ ft
  • Transport Height: 14.17′ ft
  • Operating Weight: 21,803.8 lbs

North American Heavy Haul recently completed transportation of this Caterpillar 420 Backhoe from Tucson, AZ to Canton, OH. Our shipping specialist assisted the customer in the pickup and delivery of this unit.


The #1 Backhoe Transportation Company: Ship Anywhere in North America!

North American Heavy Haul has decades of experience as a Backhoe Transportation Company

From New York to Chicago or Florida to California from one corner of the planet to the other North American Heavy Haul can transport your Backhoe along with any other transportation requirements you may have. Here’s a partial list of other heavy equipment we provide heavy hauling transportation services for.

When picking a backhoe shipping company, North American Heavy Haul is picking experience, dedication, and full-service transportation. Our selection of trucks and trailers have been carefully chosen to accommodate every available size of backhoe manufactured , from smaller earth movers capable of being transported on a hot shot trailer to the large earth loaders requiring the use of a lowboy or RGN trailer. We know using the right transport equipment can make all the difference in getting your construction equipment safely to the next job site. With a focus on safety, and priority on timeliness, our professional drivers make sure that each load is delivered safe and secure. Our drivers even assist with loading and unloading to make sure your backhoe arrives undamaged.

At North American Heavy Haul, we have a knowledgeable and experienced Backhoe Transportation Company with experts with whom you can depend. Contact us today to discuss the planning, mapping, and shipping of your Equipment Export.

Backhoe Hauling by North American Heavy Haul

New Holland B95 backhoe hauling transport shipping

New Holland B95 Backhoe Hauling 


Origin: Hazlehurst, GA

Destination: Ozark, MO


Shipping Dimensions:

  • Transport Length: 23.22′ ft
  • Transport Width: 7.42′ ft
  • Transport Height: 13.01′ ft
  • Operating Weight: 14,826 lbs


North American Heavy Haul recently completed transportation of this New Holland B95 Backhoe from Hazlehurst, GA to Ozark, MO. Another flawless transport by our logistics experts. Call us today and let us get your load where it needs to go. 




Case Backhoe Transport Hauling Shipping

Case 580N Backhoe Transport

Origin: Las Vegas, NV

Destination: Waco, TX

Shipping Dimensions:

  • Transport Length: 23.43′ ft
  • Transport Width: 6.8′ ft
  • Transport Height: 10.83′ ft
  • Operating Weight: 17,751 lbs


North American Heavy Haul recently completed transportation of this Case 580N Backhoe from Las Vegas, NV to Atlanta, GA. This unit was sent from job site to job site. The driver assisted in picking the unit up when the job completed and made sure it was ready and waiting at the next job for it’s start date. No matter how short or how long, give us a call today!


Case 590 Super M Backhoe Transport hauling shipping
 Case 590 Super M Backhoe Shipping
Origin: Yermo, CA

Destination: Montgomery, AL

Shipping Dimensions:

  • Transport Length: 23.58′ ft
  • Transport Width: 7.75′ ft
  • Transport Height: 14.17′ ft
  • Operating Weight: 15,286 lbs

North American Heavy Haul recently completed transportation of this Case 590 Super M Backhoe from Yermo, CA to Montgomery, AL. This equipment dealer regularly uses our services to move their equipment to and from the auctions and also to customers locations. The trusted industry leader in heavy equipment hauling. Request a Quote Today!


Heavy Equipment Hauling and Transportation Services

With decades of Heavy Equipment transporting and Heavy Trucking shipping experience under our belts, we ensure your heavy equipment will be transported safely. Our highly skilled logistics team understands it’s mission-critical to get your freight where it needs to be on time, every time and will make it our main focus when shipping for you.

We are the #1 choice for backhoe transportation services. With over a over a decade in operation and the skills and expertise required to complete any equipment shipping. Our team handles both commercial and noncommercial industrial transports for equipment hauling across the US, Canada, and US Territories.

North American Heavy Haul - Backhoe Transportation Company.
Your Best Choice For All Your Heavy Hauling Transportation and Shipping Needs

Call Us at (561) 556-1038 for Free Shipping and Transportation Estimates for All Your Heavy Hauling Requirements

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Backhoe Shipping by North American Heavy Haul

John Deere 710k Backhoe hauling transport shipping
Shipping a John Deere 710k Backhoe
Origin: Terra Haute, IN

Destination: Minneapolis, MN


Shipping Dimensions:

  • Transport Length: 27′ ft
  • Transport Width: 7.6′ ft
  • Transport Height: 13.83′ ft
  • Operating Weight: 23,796.7 lbs

North American Heavy Haul recently completed transportation of this John Deere 710k from Terra Haute, IN to Minneapolis, MN. This customer called in last minute on Friday afternoon. We were able to have them picked up that evening and delivered Monday morning to the job site ready for when the crew arrived. No matter the situation, you can always rely on North American Heavy Haul!

Caterpillar 420 backhoe hauling shipping transport
Hauling a CAT 420 Backhoe
Origin: Ogden, UT

Destination: Little Rock, AR


Shipping Dimensions:

  • Transport Length: 23.58′ ft
  • Transport Width: 7.75′ ft
  • Transport Height: 14.17′ ft
  • Operating Weight: 21,803.8 lbs

North American Heavy Haul recently completed transportation of this CAT 420 from Ogden, UT to Little Rock, AR. This unit was moved for a nationwide paving company. We’re honored that we have so many repeat customers that trust us with their freight

John Deere 210 Backhoe hauling transport shipping
John Deere 210C Backhoe Transport
Origin: Hartford, CT

Destination: Richmond, VA

Shipping Dimensions:

  • Transport Length: 23′ ft
  • Transport Width: 7.55′ ft
  • Transport Height: 10.42′ ft
  • Operating Weight: 10,500 lbs

North American Heavy Haul recently completed transportation of this John Deere 210C from Hartford, CT to Richmond, VA. This was brought to it’s new home on a farm just outside town. With various trailer setups there is no delivery site we cannot accommodate. Let one of our logistics experts assist in planning your transport today! 

Most Common Backhoe Makes and Models

  • Bobcat B100 Backhoe Transport
  • Case 480 Shipping
  • Caterpillar 415 Hauling 
  • Ingersoll Rand BL 270 Backhoe Transport
  • JCB 1CX Shipping
  • John Deere 110 Hauling 
  • Komatsu WA30 Backhoe Transport
  • Massey Ferguson 50 Shipping
  • New Holland 555 Hauling 
  • Terex 760 Backhoe Transport
  • Volvo 616 Shipping
  • Bobcat B200 Hauling 
  • Case 570 Backhoe Transport
  • Caterpillar416 Shipping
  • Ingersoll Rand BL370 Hauling 
  • JCB 2CX Backhoe Transport
  • John Deere 300 Shipping
  • Komatsu WB140 Hauling 
  • Massey Ferguson 60 Backhoe Transport
  • New Holland 575 Shipping
  • Terex 820 Hauling 
  • Volvo BL60 Backhoe Transport
  • Bobcat B250 Shipping
  • Case 580 Hauling 
  • Caterpillar 420 Backhoe Transport
  • Ingersoll Rand BL375 Shipping
  • JCB3CX Hauling 
  • John Deere 302 Backhoe Transport
  • Komatsu WB142 Shipping
  • New Holland 655 Hauling 
  • Terex860 Backhoe Transport
  • Volvo BL70 Shipping
  • Bobcat B300 Hauling 
  • Case 590 Backhoe Transport
  • Caterpillar422 Shipping
  • Ingersoll Rand BL470 Hauling 
  • JCB4CX Backhoe Transport
  • John Deere 310 Shipping
  • Komatsu WB146 Hauling
  • New Holland 675 Backhoe Transport
  • Terex870 Shipping
  • Volvo BM 616 Hauling 
  • Case 680 Backhoe Transport
  • Caterpillar424 Shipping
  • Ingersoll Rand BL475 Hauling 
  • JCB5CX Backhoe Transport
  • John Deere 315 Shipping
  • Komatsu WB150 Hauling 
  • New Holland B110 Backhoe Transport
  • Terex880 Shipping
  • Volvo BM 6300 Hauling 
  • Case 695 Backhoe Transport
  • Caterpillar426 Shipping
  • Ingersoll Rand BL570 Hauling 
  • JCB ICX Backhoe Transport
  • John Deere 400 Shipping
  • Komatsu WB156 Hauling 
  • New Holland B115 Backhoe Transport
  • Terex970 Shipping
  • Volvo BM 646 Hauling 
  • Case 780 Backhoe Transport
  • Caterpillar428 Shipping
  • Ingersoll Rand BL575 Hauling 
  • JCB MIDI CX Backhoe Transport
  • John Deere 410 Shipping
  • Komatsu WB70 Hauling 
  • New Holland B90 Backhoe Transport
  • Terex980 Shipping
  • Volvo BM EL70 Hauling 
  • Caterpillar430 Backhoe Transport
  • JCB210 Shipping
  • John Deere 415 Hauling 
  • Komatsu WB91 Backhoe Transport
  • New Holland B95 Shipping
  • Terex TLB 840 Hauling 
  • Caterpillar432 Backhoe Transport
  • JCB212 Shipping
  • John Deere 500 Hauling
  • Komatsu WB93 Backhoe Transport
  • New Holland LB110 Shipping
  • Terex TX750 Hauling 
  • Caterpillar434 Backhoe Transport
  • JCB214 Shipping 
  • John Deere 510 Hauling 
  • Komatsu WB97 Backhoe Transport
  • New Holland LB115 Shipping
  • Terex TX860 Hauling 
  • Caterpillar436 Backhoe Transport
  • JCB 215 Shipping
  • John Deere 610 Hauling 
  • Terex TX870 Backhoe Transport
  • Caterpillar438 Shipping
  • JCB 217 Hauling 
  • New Holland LB75 Backhoe Transport
  • Terex TX970 Shipping
  • Caterpillar442 Hauling 
  • New Holland LB85 Backhoe Transport
  • Caterpillar444 Shipping
  • New Holland LB90 Hauling 
  • John Deere 710 Backhoe Transport
  • Caterpillar446 Shipping
  • New Holland LB95 Hauling 
  • Caterpillar450 Backhoe Transport
  • Kubota L48TL-SG Shipping
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